Counter Cuteness


My island cereal bar is a cute and convenient way to corral the kids daily cereal and snacks as well as a few small things. I saw this idea on a model home on HGTV over a year ago. I never knew what to put on my island…candles…fruit…easel with cookbook…I had tried a few different looks but my cereal bar is the best one yet!

You just need… a cute tray, clear jars, fun little bowls, trinket box and some cheer, like happy fall flowers!

I picked up my tray on clearance at Target and I got my glass jars there too. Cheap and chic. I opted for a large and medium size.


I filled one with cheerios and one with cheddar bunnies. But you can fill them with your everyday items like cookies or fruit or left over wine corks wink ,wink…

I got my modern cheery little bowls at west elm. One in each color since I loved them so much. I got them over a year ago but I just checked and they still sell them, lucky you! I may need to go back and get four more.


I save all my mason jars from tomato sauces and Friday pizza nights….I put my fall flowers in a little one from the pizza sauce. Upcycled and trendy!

I also added my small things trinket box for when I take my rings off while cooking or any other “small thing” that gets left on the counter. Any cute little jar with a lid will do to hide the things you don’t want to see all the time. Oh, and my fav EOS chapstick is hanging around too.


It’s a fun, practical, and stylish way to store your everyday cereal and bunnies! Enjoy. ~Lisa


Being a Happy Mom…Be Lisa

I recently attended the Happy Mom Conference hosted by April O’ Leary. It was so nice to meet such a great network of Moms all supporting each other in one place. There were stay at Home Moms and Working moms who were trying to find their best self and in turn be the best person for their family. She posted on her blog today about the SAHM debate and I thought I would share her thoughts with you here.

I am a seeker and I have learned on my life’s journey to be true to myself and do what makes me happy and feels light. If its not right deep down your gut will tell you, it will feel heavy. If you don’t listen you will get little taps and signs to let you know. I tell my self all the time just “Be Lisa”. So I liked when April said…”be who you want to be”.  Its so easy to compare yourself with others especially as a mom.  I hope all you moms can be your authentic selves on this journey and if you need to change your path make that decision and do the work to make it happen.~Lisa


Aww my little Junbug is not a little project. She has been stripped and gutted. Junior just can’t help him self. He has to perfect his projects the best way he knows how. I thought we would just paint over her and sand the crusty spots. Nope, he removed all her windows stripped off the old paint…not an easy task. Decided to basically gut the inside and redo but still true to her vintage style. She should be painted in 3 weeks…We are so excited!


In the meantime I am having fun buying all things vintage. So fun! Fabric,pillows, chevron, old Tupperware, quilts, string lights, lanterns, mason jars…..Isaiah’s closet is hiding my stash. Boys don’t need all that space anyway. wink,wink.


Gotta get sewing.. Have a cute plan for curtains. Turquoise and tassels. Grammas coming to give me a sewing refresher and my friends mom has offered to help too! Just waiting on that pretty new paint job!


Lots to do, but we know it will be worth all our hard work! Guess I need to find a good vintage wine to go with all that sewing I will be doing after the kids go to bed! Yes, A glamping we Will go!

A Glamping we Will go….

Yep, you read that right. Glamping! I am so excited for this fun project that is sure to bring many wonderful memories to our family.


Sooo, I was pinning all these cute Glamper pins to my “I want a Glamper Board” and dreaming of doing my own, Never thinking Junior would get on board. I thought he would want a new state of the art camper whenever we decided to get one. My hubs is in the car business and loves all the fun modern options on his car so I thought he would want that in his camper too. He is not on pinterest and really doesn’t even know what it is. I love pinterest so many fun ideas and a great way to keep an inspiration board. Anyway, I started showing him some of my glamping pins and told him I really wanted a Glamper. I could sew,paint, and make it all pretty. Even if we just got a small one and put it in the backyard as a playhouse for Bella (umm, me ) So, I was surprised and excited when he said he loved them and their retro look and would love to redo the outside of one and me the inside. What?!! Woot! Thanks Babe! The seed was planted and it was growing fast!

I like this interior for inspiration.

I like this interior for inspiration.

He said it had to have a bathroom. Some of the cute old vintage ones like the Shastas don’t have bathrooms…You know you have to use the portable potty or the campground facilities. He was right with the kids being so young still it would be hard to make nighttime bathroom runs. So bathroom, and a little more space but still vintage cute. I could go for that!



Can't you just see us gazing at the stars

Can’t you just see us gazing at the stars

He started looking on craigslist that same week and found some pricey ones and some el cheapos with some el leakos. Then there it was an 18′ vintage Jayco with a bathroom and the look we wanted….in Orlando. It even has a deck built in on the front to haul the golf cart.  Junior was like, no problem I will drive up and get it. I swear this guy gotta love him! A lady bought it to “glamp up” and then let it sit for a few years. So he found it the same week I gave him the idea and that weekend was on the road to Orlando to pick her up. I lovingly named her the “JunBug”.

Meet JunBug!!

Meet JunBug!!

The soon to be gutted interior

The soon to be gutted interior

She’s old and dirty but we love it!! Lots of fun and work to go but we can’t wait to get it on the road. I will keep you guys updated on our progress!!


I’m still here. Wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while…. I want this diary for me for my family. This is me. My life, journey, and wonderful experiences…it is going by so fast everyday. So here I am starting again. What better way then my son’s birthday to remind me to get it all written down.

Isaiah turned two!! My sweet little boy. and boy is he sweet. I feel so blessed to have his love for these past two years. He is definitely a mamas boy…and I love it. Thank you Isaiah for being in my life. You completed our family and just made life that much happier and light. You have a twinkle in your eye when you smile. It’s a big whole hearted smile just like your daddy’s. He is known for that smile. So glad you got it too!

We had a wonderful time at your birthday party. Friends and our little close family all came. As well as some of our Miami family that just made things so much more special….it had been a little while but your would never know it. I never had extended family close by growing up. It was just me my mom and sis…so nice to see cousins bond and just have that family instinct and love for one another… My two just ate it up!!! I loved seeing it and feeling it. xoxo to our wonderful Grammas, Grampas cousins, Titis, and close friends!!

It was a cars party… Wasn’t so sure about all the boy stuff since I am so used to Bella my princess and all the girlie girl fun that comes with having a daughter. I tried to get junior to agree on vintage car party theme it seemed so much more chic…but he said he would rather have Disney Cars theme since they were so happy like Isaiah. Awww, how could I say no to that. So Disney cars it was! We had a great time decorating and making it special. It is Florida and June. So hot, hot. We made it a pool party and it turned out great!

















Bella My Princess

My Bella you will be three next week…

I love how happy you are! You are always ready to jump out of bed and start your day… To Live!

You want to experience life and you are not afraid of it.

I love you so much! I always want you to have that spirit…that happiness

Whatever it takes I will be here for you and your brother so you can be the best you can be!

You be you Bella…

You are SO special..

Happy, Wild, Free


Life is Good

Life is good. It feels calm right now. It feels good. I am happy. My kids are healthy again. Thank goodness. I have been enjoying the simple things. Park play dates, baking, coffee with friends, dinners with family, weekend trips to Disney.

We are living our story. My story. I am trying to figure out where it will take me next. I need some motivation and inspiration. So for now I am enjoying the season, holiday decor, shopping, wrapping, lights, holiday music, Oh, I love holiday music!, peppermint and all things Christmas.


We went to our first Disney’s Very Merry Christmas this weekend. It was nice. Nice to get away and be under the pines at Fort Wilderness again. Breathing deep, looking at the sky and smiling. Thankful for this time. Loving seeing my kids light up watching the parade and pointing out the Disney characters they now know. Sitting on blankets sipping hot cocoa and nibbling chocolate chip cookies holding my babies in my lap and sitting close to my family. It felt good. These are the memories I always wanted as a child. I am not sure if my kids will remember these times yet, but I will. I will remember how much they loved it. I will remember their smiling faces, pointing, clapping, running, excited, happy. We walked, swung, rode the golf cart, wore santa hats, watched fire works, attempted to ride a pony, collected pine cones, ate,drank, laughed, danced, roasted,sang. It was nice.









Being Thankful…

We have been sick here for over a week. It started with Bella, than Isaiah, me, and now Jr has a few symptoms. This is the worst the kids and I have ever been sick. It makes me realize how thankful I am for our health. Being sick especially with kids is the worst. We have this terrible cough, sore throat,fevers, congestion. When Bella goes to bed her cough comes on strong and she would end up vomiting. This happened three nights in a row. It was scary. What if I didn’t hear her she could have choked on her vomit and then what….

So Jr and I have been taking turns sleeping with each child. We have the pullout bed ready with the head propped up. Humidifier on,vicks on, lots of fluids…I took them to the Dr. on Monday. They said viral infection, let it run its course. Knock on wood my babies have never been on antibiotics and I am grateful for that. I want their immune systems strong. I asked her if there was anything we could give them for the cough at night. My babies were tired. She said Benadryl as a last resort. So jr picked some up and I googled about it. Not very well liked in the medical community. It’s so hard to know what to do as a parent, are you making the right decision. Bella was the worst at this point and the coughing got bad so I ended up giving her a tiny bit. It seemed to help a little bit. This darn cold just needed to go away. This is hard. I can’t imagine mothers of children who have terrible sicknesses and diseases. How can they see their helpless babies suffer. I feel thankful that this too shall pass and in a week or so our lives will be back to normal.

I woke up yesterday feeling like I got hit by a truck. I just wanted to lay in bed and cry. Junior came home early and I took a nap and still felt terrible so I hightailed it to the clinic.  The girls there were nice and said I came at the right time they had been busy all day and this was the first time with no wait. I took it as a blessing to get in and out and back to my sick babies. The Dr. was sweet and saw how bad I looked she prescribed me a Z pack. Thank you Z pack please work magic. She said by this evening I should start to feel a bit better.

Junior was super dad yesterday. I came home from the clinic and he made me lay down more. He took care of the kids made dinner gave baths(Isaiah even pooped in the bath! he had to disinfect that too). He said I need my baby (me) I am so thankful for you and don’t think I could do this alone. He wants me well again. Our household is really a team and I am happy and proud that he is such a good daddy and is able to take over if I am down.

I called my mom. She is making Thanksgiving dinner this year. She was so sweet. She said honey we just want you and the kids healthy we can postpone our Thanksgiving celebration. Andy my step dad felt the same way too.  I felt bad because she was so excited for Thanksgiving she has a wonderful menu planned and fun crafts for the kids ready to go. She even made us the yummiest chicken soup and picked me up a few groceries this week. I told her she had to stay away because I didn’t want them getting sick. I am thankful for having my mom so close to me and for her and Andy caring so much for us and our babies. I am excited to be healthy again and all celebrate together in a few days. My sister is here too so it will be a wonderful celebration.

I am anxious to get in the holiday spirit and decorate. I can’t wait to be back on top and get my little family and home happy for the holidays. I wanted to make some thanksgiving food and bake a bit too. I have my pumpkin puree ready to go. Bella loves baking with me. We will do it. It will be a little later this year but that’s ok. I am thankful for my family and for out health. I am going to get my holiday CDS out and dance and bake and smile and sing.

Happy Fall!!

Family time…the best time…I love my happy little family and making great memories!!

Fall festivals, Halloween, costumes, orange everywhere, painting, baking, crafting, pumpkins, funny scarecrows, bouncing,choo choos, cool mornings, windows open, and lots of pumpkin flavored yumminess….life is good.

Where oh where is Isaiah….

There’s my sweet boy sleeping through all the pumpkin fun!

A giant pumpkin bounce house! How fun!

Pumpking painting, messy fun!

trying to get a good shot…

Our little pirate and fairy princess!

To bad they weren’t looking… Classic family pic with toddlers. :)

Yarrr mateys!! Happy Halloween! xo

Outdoor Chalkboard Fun!

We have had our outdoor chalkboard up for one week now. It’s a hit! The kids love it we love it, your never to old to have fun coloring. It looks really cute in the back yard too, and it was sooo easy to make…or have my husband make. wink, wink..

I had pinned the idea on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to create our own. I knew Bella would LOVE it! By the way, i am so impressed with my Pinterest skills lately…chalkboards,breakfast cookies,fun healthy snack,Halloween crafts, what! I am like super Mom! lol. One of my fav Blogs young house love just posted about the pinterest challenge and I can’t wait to post my crafts next week. Don’t just pin it…do it! They even talk about a do it yourself chalkboard as a good one to try…check, did it!

So back to the chalk board….

  • We bought a 4×8 piece of plywood
  • Dark Outdoor paint (jr found a gallon of dark charcoal gray for $5 on the clearance colors shelf, score!)
  • non-sanded grout

The recipe is 2 tablespoons of non-sanded grout to every 1 cup of paint

Ours took 3 coats that we rolled on, and it took three days to dry (I saw where some people brushed theirs fyi rolling worked for us)

I got some great chalkboard paint inspiration over at the Idea Room where I originally got the recipe from.

Now that we know how to make chalkboard paint we can get really creative. You can pick any color paint you want and paint lots of fun things. Like labels for wine glasses, pantry containers, planters, picture frames, you could paint rocks or shells for place cards on a festive table…So many possibilities! I will definitely do it again for another project in the future. Happy coloring!

P.S. the past few posts all have IPhone photos still gotta get my cannon out more!